The Problem Solvers Who Work At Pace

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The Problem Solvers Who Work At Pace

The UK’s car production industry continues to enjoy impressive growth with recent output figures showing a year on year increase of over 3% and a single monthly rise of 15%, spare a thought for the supply chain.

Behind the big brands and robotic production lines is a complex universe of component suppliers, and behind them materials and parts suppliers and down in tier 3 or 4 are countless service and support organisations that play a crucial role in the supply and quality assurance pipeline that leads all the way to that shiny new car as its rolls onto the forecourt.

Based in the heart of the UK’s automotive and components industry, Midland Deburr and Finishing are in the business of surface finishing, providing a range of surface treatment processes at the Dudley service centre. Essentially they offer deburring, degreasing and coating services as a subcontractor to the metal components manufacturing sector. And whilst that is largely automotive related they also have customers across all manufacturing. Their sister company usefully located on the same site offers a casting porosity impregnation service which complements and adds extra capabilities to the surface improvement focus of the business.

Inevitably with such a specialised business operating in a fast moving business environment and with highly demanding and expanding customers, the pressure to perform can be immense. It’s expected that consignment parts will be received, processed and returned within a 1-2 day turnaround. That in itself is a big logistical challenge, especially as consignments can be mixed or often presented as a new problem.

Managing Director Chris Arrowsmith describes their role as ‘taking away customers’ problems’. “We respond to problems, take them away and resolve them. That is how we satisfy our customers” is how he neatly defines it. Essentially it’s about quality. Providing finishing technologies that add value by improving surface quality to a given engineering requirement or standard.

In such a pressure cooker environment, Chris also knows that he cannot afford to be let down by his suppliers and as logistics is such a key part of his operation, that means having a forklift truck supplier as a trusted business partner.

Midland Deburr have known local TCM forklift dealer, Amvar Handling Solutions for a few years and have built a solid relationship based on strong trust and confidence that they will be there when they are needed.

“We are highly dependent on our forklifts and cannot afford to lose them through faults or failures.

Happily Amvar is a local company, we know them and they know us, so they respond immediately to any problems we have”, explained Chris.

So when the decision to replace an aging truck was made, there was little hesitation about choosing the local TCM dealer – Amvar. Although alternative suppliers were considered, Chris felt that the combination of a local, trusted dealer with experienced service and a major proven forklift product was the best option.

Thanks to their common components platform, TCM offer a 90% of faults fixed on first service call. This means that businesses like Midland Deburr, which are highly dependent on a small fleet of intensely operated forklift trucks get another layer of reassurance and reliability.

The new TCM gas CB truck, has also proven to be a cost saver to the business. The old truck was starting to become just too uneconomical and it made sense to acquire a new truck with a maintenance package included in a lease deal.

Gas forklift supplied by local TCM dealer, Amvar Handling Solutions

“We appreciated the advice and the level of service we received. We are not pushed to some anonymous call centre and wait our turn in a queue, we speak to the team at AMVAR and get a rapid response. In our demanding and interdependent world that is worth a lot”, observed Chris.