New mezzanine floor supports business growth

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New mezzanine floor supports business growth

When you have a bustling despatch bay where hundreds of actions take place daily, as a fleet of forklifts load and unload vehicles supporting the demands of a busy transport business. Problem is - a Mezzanine Flooring needs installing without disrupting day-to-day operations. AMVAR had the solution...

Picture this. A bustling despatch bay where hundreds of actions take place daily as a fleet of forklifts load and unload vehicles supporting the demands of a busy transport and logistics business. It’s the sharp end of operational activity, like the bustle of the midfield on a football pitch where every attacking or defensive move passes through a single compact area. But this business needs to grow, so now let’s place a new 470 M2 mezzanine floor right on top of it. Oh, and as its built there can be no disruption to normal business activity.

Maybe it’s time to call in the elves who secretly work at night, unseen and unheard. Or else there had better be a great plan and an experienced team to execute the task.

Jeavons Eurotir located in Tyseley, Birmingham UK is a diverse UK and International transport business providing warehousing, distribution and transportation to a diverse range of customers, from hazardous chemicals to bonded goods and building materials.

Business is growing on the back of Jeavons’ ability to offer an infinitely flexible and bespoke service to its customers, often requiring them to adapt their operation to suit particular needs. A recent and growing area of business involves importing automotive glass components, unpacking, preparing and repackaging ready to be delivered directly to car plant production lines.

It quickly became pretty clear that this operation would need its own space, well away from the normal warehousing and distribution activities, particularly as glass products and forklift traffic in close proximity is not a happy combination.

Options involved acquiring an additional warehouse, which would need to be offsite as their current space availability would not accommodate any further extension. Or incorporate a mezzanine floor within the existing warehouse to provide the extra space and capacity.

Ian Dunne, Jeavons’ procurement manager explained that the attraction of an inhouse solution was their ability to maintain the business within a single site, taking advantage of systems and supervision already on-site and avoid the need to duplicate this at another location. “So there were operational as well as economic advantages to expanding capacity on our own site”, he said.

“The problem we faced however was how to construct a large mezzanine space on top of a very busy despatch area without causing major upset to the day-to-day running of our operations”.

The solution came in the form of Amvar Handling Solutions, a Midlands based company that specialise in integrating storage and racking facilities with materials handling – effectively a single source provider that has a track record in this kind of challenge.

Managing Director Malcolm Mitchell likes to personally lead and use his strong experience to immerse himself in the design, planning and installation of the project. “We see ourselves as the problem solver for mid-size warehouse installations and adaptations, so this project was right up our street”.
Planning the project was straight-forward, the difficulty was construction in a fairly restrictive space with the added complexity of working around an existing and continual despatch operation with constant forklift traffic and product handling.

“We were really impressed that Amvar had the installation planned with military precision, working in phases so that they could work around the normal business activity. The whole project took just 3 weeks from the start point after planning and building consent was acquired”, explained Ian Dunne.

And to complete the project, Amvar also supplied specialised handling equipment for the new work area and a heavy-duty forklift for the loading bay. It’s this single source provider role which Amvar offers, where all aspects design and supply of warehousing fit-outs from racking and floors to handling equipment and forklifts that according to Jeavons makes them easy suppliers to work with.

The completed project has now given Jeavons additional working area to accommodate extra capacity to grow their business and avoid the need for additional premises and staff. “It was certainly the best solution from an organisation and cost benefit perspective”, reflected Ian Dunne.