Sector: Medical Equipment Products: Forklifts and monitoring system and warehouse products

“We’ve had service responses in just an hour from Amvar Handling Solutions, our materials handling supplier. Otherwise its always the same day”. That’s according to warehouse manager Mike Palmer. And he says it’s one of the reasons why Sunrise Medical, the midlands-based manufacturer of innovative, high-quality mobility products and services, decided to take a 5-year contract-hire deal on their forklift and warehouse handling equipment.

“If any of our trucks is lost due to breakdown, then it causes pressure on the rest of the team and our ability to support our manufacturing and spares service. We have known Amvar for quite a while, know the people individually and have built up a level of trust which means we can totally rely on them. It helps that they are relatively local too, so we are not dealing with a huge company and a call-centre, but direct with a local team of experts”, is how he describes the relationship.

Mike also explained how Amvar have been working closely with Sunrise to develop an integrated storage and handling system. As a company that have become a midlands leader in designing, constructing and supplying a complete warehouse solution, from high bay racking to high-vis vests, Amvar put together every aspect.

It means that they can competitively offer a single-source-solution without customers having to manage multiple suppliers and contractors. It’s rare to find a supplier especially locally who understand our specific needs. As an independent provider, Amvar is free to specify and supply the most suitable machines and products. In this case the main warehouse trucks are a mix of Flexitruck, JLG order pickers and TCM electric counter-balance forklifts. These provide the most flexibility and manoeuvrability to meet the various material flows in a very busy warehousing and distribution facility.

Now all trucks are fitted with a new electronic pin-code access and the ‘CheckedSafe’ paperless daily vehicle check system that allows first user driver to complete a pre-use inspection and report any issues. This provides a useful track and act process for both the driver and manager. As well as an all-important safety check, there is the facility to build a complete history of vehicle user and duties, as a support to planning and efficiency.

It doesn’t stop there. Amvar have also supplied a full range of storage, workplace and handling products throughout the warehouse, distribution and manufacturing areas including essential pallet trucks and electric scissor lifts for part of the wheelchair assembly lines.

And wheelchairs are really at the core of the Sunrise business. These days they come with an endless range of technology and capability options. The design innovation and build quality is an essential part of why the business support an elite team of para-athletes many of who are international and Olympic medallists.

Amvar has developed a real understanding of health and care product, working with many such organisations across the midlands, recognising the specialised needs of businesses with a focus on meeting the demands of a constantly under-pressure health and care service sector.