Distribution centre project leads to increased efficiency and an increase of 44% in storage capacity!

Sector: Hair & Beauty Distribution Products: Integrated Storage Solutions, Flexi Forklifts, Racking
Distribution centre project leads to increased efficiency and an increase of 44% in storage capacity!

Amvar support hair product distribution facility with a fully integrated solution


When Claire Wilson returned from maternity leave she saw a real need for warehouse reorganisation at leading independent hair and beauty supplier Aston and Fincher.

This led to a warehouse layout, racking and equipment project with AMVAR that enabled a new optimised and efficient pick and pack process and 44% more warehouse storage capacity!

Aston & Fincher Team

The Client

Aston and Fincher specialise in hair and beauty products and was founded in the late fifties, through year on year rapid growth, the family-run business today covers 34 cash and carries nationwide and are the leading independent professional hair and beauty supply company in the UK.

They distribute exclusively to professional hair and beauty supply businesses through a vast array of brands, some of which are exclusive to A&F.

The AMVAR Solution

The key aims were to:
• improve space utilisation
• to increase storage capacity
• to improve safety and efficiency
• to gain better control of stock
• to improve housekeeping
• reduce product damage

The present racking was not ideal due to the number of different makes, types and sizes and made it difficult for the fork lift truck operator to stack and retrieve pallets safely. Aisle widths varied considerably and in some places were much larger than required even for the existing counterbalance forklift truck.

Claire Wilson outlined her brief, “The Distribution Centre was historically used as a holding area with no real purpose of a functioning warehouse, through growth throughout the years, the need for stock control and warehouse management became apparent. A&F as a business is heavily process driven so it made sense to bring the warehouse function in line with the rest of the business and have a functioning distribution centre. To do this we needed to re-rack the warehouse, maximising the available space and implementing pick rules and processes to ensure the pick, pack despatch functions run as efficiently as possible.”

The Outcome

Both Claire, Russ and Olivier are extremely proud of the project they delivered in partnership with Amvar. The overall outcome led to:

• an increase in storage capacity of 172 pallet locations or 44%
• much improved housekeeping
• increased productivity
• efficiency in both pallet handling and order picking operations
• a much safer work place
• better stock control
• less product damage

Claire outlined what had been achieved, “A fully functioning Distribution Centre with pick, pack and despatch functions, mapped and fixed labelled locations which has enabled us to apply pick rules and sequential picking making the pickers job far easier and more efficient.”

Olivier Rosaire explained the outcome from a working perspective, “Optimisation of the warehouse has been successful and has managed to have picking done in a certain time and enables optimised picking.”
Claire then described how, “Originally, the idea came from stock management and abc analysis and anything slow moving on the bottom and no need to go up in the mezzanine twice a day! More importantly, we have maximized our available space by creating a 44% increase in pallet spaces.”

Overall, Claire was happy from the start of the project to the finish, “Using Amvar for a fully-integrated solution meant we had a one-stop shop for all A&F solution needs. Initially a simple quote for updated racking, the bespoke project saw us give the operation a complete and successful overhaul.”

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